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– 10 Best Windows 10 Themes and Skins Packs in


If you are looking for beautiful Windows skins and themes for your desktop, then we got you covered. Windows 10 is already pretty beautiful. The UI is quite sleek and stylish. But yet some people consider it boring because of the inconsistency of the design language and use of legacy graphical elements. This is why using skins or Windows desktop themes become obvious for many users.

This is when the third-party and unofficial skins come into play. They allow you to change the look and feel of your Windows desktop just like the Linux distros. There are tons of skins available to download for free on the internet. But since there is no official store or repository, it is quite a hassle to find out the best skins.

So, here I have compiled a list of the 20 best Windows skins that you can download and apply right away without any issue. This is a beautiful skin for Windows designed by popular skin designer Niivu.

The overall theme and icons resemble the Ubuntu and similar Linux distros. The icons are colorful and have an orange accent on them. The name ko-Z is the stylized form of cozy, and I think this theme will provide your desktop a clean and comfortable look. The skin also alters the default buttons for navigating the Windows into circular MacOS like buttons. The solid window background is not completely dark and has a matte texture on it.

Overall, this is a soothing theme that will treat your eyes. The skin pack comes with beautiful wallpapers and icons for your basic apps. This is a beautiful theme for Windows that will make your desktop look like Windows 8. The distinctive UI design language of Windows 8 was the solid color backgrounds and tiles. Proma does the same.

The thing I like about this theme is that it is quite stable on any major version of Windows Besides, the pinkish accent and the minimal icons make it more pleasant. And, if you remove the ribbons from default apps such as Windows Explorer by using third-party tools, your desktop will look even more gorgeous.

This is one of the most modern light skins for Windows out there. Nemo is yet another simple and minimalist theme for Windows This skin highly modifies the system files of Windows to make the design consistent over the whole desktop. The theme is almost similar to Proma in terms of look and feel. But Nemo is a dark theme with bluish tint all over it. The designer used the material color palette while designing the skin. The icons are beautifully crafted too. The skin also includes a brand new start menu design that resembles the classic Windows 7 start menu with modern attire.

Overall, this is a great theme to try out for the customization gurus. So, it is obvious that you will find the visual aspects of Paranoid Android on this theme. The main characteristic of this skin is the use of color gradients. I, personally being a fan of gradients, liked this theme totally.

This theme comes in three different flavors such as nebula, sweet, and lace. It also gives you an option to customize your Chrome or Firefox web browser. This is a quite refreshing theme for the Windows operating system. I just mentioned refreshing because of the greenish color scheme of the skin. This is a dark theme, but the backgrounds are not totally dark either.

The color palette used in this theme reflects pastel colors, and I am impressed with the look. Rather you will see some color changes. But the buttons are now made with lines, and it gives a cleaner look to your desktop. Simplify 10 is a collection of light and dark themes for PC. The pack consists of 12 beautifully crafted themes that will help you give your desktop a neat and clean look. You can also go for the alternative Simplify 10 Dark version of this theme if you use your computer mostly at night.

This theme changes the window buttons into different shapes, including circles, lines, etc. This theme is compatible with the recent version of Windows Maverick 10 is a beautiful theme that is compatible with Windows You will get several color schemes with this theme, including the Original, Light, Dark, Violet, etc.

The latest version of this theme made it compatible with the default Windows dark mode. The skin somewhat looks like the default skins of Ubuntu-based Linux distros. Most people will like the flat look of this theme. On top of that, you are getting matching wallpapers, browser, and video player skin with this that will help you get the full experience.

Porcelain is yet another colorful and modern skin. This skin has a light color scheme, but it is adorned with beautiful icons. If you disable your address bar and search box from the file manager, you will get a clean and minimal look with this Windows desktop theme. It comes with beautifully crafted icons for the file explorer.

There is even a compatible theme for the Chromium-based web browsers that will match this skin. I liked the unique look of the window buttons, and overall, this Windows skin is a great pick to beautify your desktop. This is one of the best carbon-black themes for Windows 10 out there. If you are not satisfied with the default dark mode of Windows, then you should pick this one.

BIB actually means Black in Black, and this will surely enhance your dark mode experience. You can use some additional tools like OldNewExplorer and Winaero Tweaker for getting the full customization experience. Oxford Night is a unique theme for your desktop with illustrated flat icons. As the name suggests, this theme will boost your desktop experience at night because of the dark color schemes. The orange accent of the skin nicely blends with the overall UI, and all the things make it a perfect companion for your desktop.

This is yet another gorgeous yet minimal-looking theme for Windows This skin is also from the popular skin designer niivu, and you will find his signature aesthetics in this theme. It comes with two different variants such as light and dark mode, which is a plus point. The designer also includes a set of matching icons with the package to experience the full customization. On top of that, this skin supports the latest version of Windows 10 with HiDPI display compatibility.

But unfortunately, the existing Windows 10 devices will not get this beautiful look. The window buttons and borders are made minimal and flat with a consistent fluent design in this theme. On top of that, this Windows skin comes with an option for putting the taskbar in the middle to resemble the new operating system. Joyful Desktop is a popular desktop skin for Linux distros.

But the developer got permission from the original designer and ported it for the Windows operating system. I must say he did a great job replication the original theme, and you will find a modern Linux vibe in this theme. This theme is loaded with a lot of components, including wallpapers, icons, and a dock. I like the cyan accent of the theme that looks refreshing. Even though this is a heavy theme, the UI is quite neat and minimalistic.

The fluent design was one of the core promises of Microsoft with their introduction of Windows But unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet come up with a consistent fluent make-over for their entire desktop environment. This theme is not the solution for that, but it came up with some beautiful changes. It will give you a clean look with a semi-transparent dock at the bottom of the desktop. It comes with both dark and light variants, which is another advantage. This is yet another aesthetically pleasing theme for Windows And, the pinkish accent used in this theme is not scary at all.

The dark background is not pitch black, and it blends nicely with icons and other elements. I am sure it will look great with your RGB gaming setup. This is a moody dark theme for your desktop. In fact, this theme will make your Windows desktop looks like Linux distros. The green accent over the dark background looks amazing. On top of that, you are also getting the flexibility to customize the taskbar as well as the start menu icon.

This Windows skin is the perfect example of standing out even while looking plain and simple. This is a completely light theme with a purple accent.

The window title bar looks beautiful with this accent and modified window buttons. You can also enable a dock for a more enhanced look with that circle icon pack.


Desktop Themes – Microsoft Support.


The reason being you will need the best Windows 10 theme взято отсюда yourself. In case if you skins for windows 10 a fan of Rainmeter, then here wincows the awesome collection of best Rainmeter Skins for Windows Well, in order to help you to choose from the crowd, I am listing the 10 best Windows 10 themes to download.

Pick one among the list that you like to try. If you are a space and technology fanthen this theme is for windowd. Well designed by the artists, the theme will take wijdows in a completely different world.

The theme consists of 16 wallpapers with designs of planets, sun, meteor shower and what not. The astounding and fiery pictures will be free visio crack 2016 microsoft with by the orange Windows color. You must have guessed already what this theme will be about. Morning theme consists of beautiful wallpapers that capture the true beauty of skins for windows 10 morning. The perfect blend of nature and wildlife make this Morning Theme unique and windoas is the reason that it is present in our list of best Windows 10 themes.

All the 8 wallpapers capture the beauty of the sunrise. The theme gives a fresh look by making your Windows color part green.

All greenery of the wallpapers will surely make skins for windows 10 day. All the pictures of the theme had been photographed by Popkov Skins for windows 10. The South Indian Beaches Theme brings you pictures of beautiful themes from all across the different beaches of beautiful South India.

Famous beach covered in this theme include Devbagh beach. The wineows for the beautiful pictures of the theme goes to Shilpa S. The Window color is light blue which is perfect to complement the coolness of the water.

The theme consists of 9 pictures in total. You will able to see windoows in skins for windows 10 of the wallpapers of the theme. The attractive backgrounds of Aurora over diverse parts of Iceland and Norway are packed skins for windows 10 the wallpapers of this theme. A total of eight wallpapers will give you the amazing view over the ice, sea, and mountains.

If you are a fan of nights, skins for windows 10 the Aurora Borealis theme is for you. The color of your Windows will turn into sea green once you activate the theme.

The wallpapers of your desktop will change for every five minutes by default. You can also change the timing 1 the wallpapers manually. If you are looking for something classic and colorful, then all you need to have is the Colour Splash theme. All the wallpapers of fir theme will be presented to you in bright colors. Most of the wallpapers deal with the abstract stuff. The photographs have been beautifully designed to add a dash of wkins and wundows in the soul of microsoft office 2007 professional key free desktop.

An aquamarine fro Window will balance the vibrant color of the Colour Splash Theme. The theme has packed 13 HD wallpapers for your desktop. Skins for windows 10 inventive photograph of the Colour Splash skins for windows 10 is something that you will cherish for long. This theme is based on the popular game of Forza Motorsport 4. Any automotive fan will instantly fall in love with this theme. The wallpapers of the theme cover both the interior and exterior of all the precious cars.

Cars like Mercedes, Jaguar, and Ferrari have made their way to decorate this theme. The Forza Slins 4 Theme is met by the gray color of the Wnidows. This theme consists of high-resolution pictures of 17 wallpapers. You will never run out of the beauty of the cars when you have Forza Motorsport 4 Theme. Twilight and Starlight Panoramic Theme merges a different kind of themes into one and perhaps this is the reason that it is present in our list of best windows 10 skin packs. The theme will support dual foor beautifully by showing the complete wallpaper in both the monitor.

There is a wide variety in the wallpapers, it starts from the galaxy and ends at Railroad Bridge. The Skins for windows 10 color will depend on the wallpaper that you have chosen. The country of Portugal is beautiful and, therefore, I can guarantee you that the Coastal Portugal Theme will be beautiful too. Every nook and corner sindows Torres Vedras Portugal beach is packed in this theme. You should thank Paulo P. Pereira for the beautiful photographs that he has captured for this wallpaper.

High-resolution wallpapers will beautify your desktop. If you want to please your eye with the warmth of the sand and coolness of the water then this theme is for you. Enterprise for pro gaming or free 10 windows theme consists of skins for windows 10 wallpapers. If you are a bird lover then this theme is for you. This theme consists of 15 wallpapers where tor wallpaper will present you with unique birds.

Birds like flamingos and the hummingbird will steal your heart. Light blue will be the color of your Windows. The HD wallpapers will make sure that you are able to skins for windows 10 yourself by viewing the different postures of the different birds. Frozen Formation Theme will give you a collection of beautiful ice windowd wallpapers. The theme consists of 12 wallpapers which consist of skins for windows 10 like sun rays over ice and icebergs.

The icy tone of the wallpaper is matched by the equally icy tone of the mist blue Windows. Both light wallpapers and dark wallpapers are present in the theme and, therefore, you will ever run of choices.

Install any one of the best Windows 10 themes qindows your desktop and tell us whether you liked it or считаю, microsoft teams apple silicon интересна. If you are very selective, then try installing around three themes and select the one that pleases your eyes.

Tell us which Windows 10 themes did you like the post. Allow them to install their favorite themes and I am sure they will thank you later. He loves to write on technology, blogging, gadgets, and skins for windows 10 off-course topics. Currently, he is working as a software engineer and never skips his workout after work. The comments section is aimed to help our readers in case of winddows questions or you can even appreciate us for our dor work.

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