In Hokusai’s print we can also see the woman’s eyes are closed – this is perhaps one of the most significant elements of the image. The woman is not here for us and has not even acknowledged our presence. We are watching her in a moment of selfish pleasure which gives her far more power than the majority of women depicted in Western art. This is because the women of Western art have been regularly subjected to the male gaze and are shown for the pleasure of the audience. They often have direct eye contact with the viewer, and their body is positioned towards them, submitting to their desires while covering their genitalia, which were considered too ugly to show in detail.

  • ” My students would chew on this idea for a week and come back with some amazing responses.
  • This is not only true for Japan but the country’s shame culture, which heavily revolves around not losing one’s face, constitutes an additional hurdle.
  • It’s the same during the weekend, where boys meet up together, and girls do the same.
  • I have to tell you, taking pictures was strictly forbidden, I took a risk for you guys 😀 I took a closer look, and I realized those panties were not only worn by Japanese women before.
  • Or being outraged about something that isn’t really what the original instigating element was intended for.

I’m glad you do know where your son is and that he seems to be all right. I’m sure there is a pretty big gap between our ages and I’ll no longer be able to find me someone new… I did have a few happy years with another Japanese man, who took care of my younger son with me. Two years and three months in a coma before finally “slipping away”… He had the most wonderful influence on my younger son, who is now taking very good care of me ! (BTW, it was my fiancé’s ex-wife – also a foreigner – who used to attack him, once with a big carving knife…

I see that and would adapt when the need arises. I didn’t say you are a western woman, I said it sounds like the opinion of one. Back in the caveman days, marriage was the winner like a scene from Fight Club.

It’s racist and fetishistic when you find a Japanese or Chinese person attractive because they’re Japanese or Chinese. The problem arises when you only view them as their race and disregard their history and culture. The role of women in ancient Japan elicits inconsistencies due to different influences that were integrated at various time periods. The primary influence that contributed to these inconsistencies was religion. Women who are not interested in having children often see little point in marriage. Though single motherhood is on the rise in Japan, it is largely due to divorce rather than women choosing to have children on their own. The shift is tied to the changing Japanese work force.

Cultural history

Four women were in the working group, including Beate Sirota Gordon who was enlisted to the subcommittee assigned to writing the section of the constitution devoted to civil rights and women’s rights in Japan. This allowed them greater freedom, equality to men, and a higher status within Japanese society. Other postwar reforms opened education institutions to women and required that women receive equal pay for equal work. In 1986, the Equal Employment Opportunity Law took effect, prohibiting discrimination in aspects like dismissal and retirement. The law was revised in 1997 to be more comprehensive, prohibiting discrimination in recruitment and promotion as well. Another round of revision in 2006 also prohibits job requirements that disproportionately advantage one gender over another, or indirect discrimination.

People change over time so how could you negotiate LOVE? I mean just talk about it and plan it that’s not going to work these stories prove that!.

Meet Japanese Women – Are They Submissive or Independent?

But the one answer that came back over and over was that they felt they could never love their spouse if they didn’t first respect them. You might think this fits with the stereotype of the docile, subservient Japanese wife or even the disinterested, passive, working Japanese husband, but you’d be wrong.

Women in Japan

I wouldn’t consider it in the same light as personals/matchmaking sites that people actually use. Again, if a woman wishes to behave like a man, she may. I just don’t find such women sexually attractive. One thing I do take offense to is the implication that wanting a wife who does not behave masculine is somehow sexist. I’m fine with women behaving in any way they wish, just like men usually may do.

The songs are heart wrenching, and the way it’s blocked is amazing. Miss Saigon romanticized the idea of being forced into prostitution, the Red Light District, and even suicide at the end.

It is interesting to note that many researchers, including Japanese ones, believe that the “miai” tradition has held firm in Japanese society. After World War II, the younger generations of Japanese gradually adopted the western style — the marriage by love. They’re a little weird, but everyone is and they seem nice, so what does it matter? The two of you talk as you eat, and nearing the end of the meal they say to you “I just love Asian women.